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Company Profile

  • Maestros (Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange) is an ISO 9001:2000 / 13485:2003 certified company. We have our manufacturing works at Navi Mumbai (Maharastra) and Parwanoo (Himachal Pradesh).Our products conform to internationally recognized CE standards Which include ECG Machines, Pulse Oximeters, Spirometers, Patient Monitors, Fetal Monitors, Stress Test System and Infusion pumps.We have a pan India presence through 16 offices and network of 100+ dedicated sales and support engineers along with international presence in form of subsidiaries in Middle East and ASEAN region Telemedicine is one of our prime focus areas for innovating solutions for future. Presently solutions available commercially include remote ECG on mobile, vital parameter monitoring gadgets. These solutions can be deployed across various scenarios including ambulances, community centers, primary health centers, and even individual homes. Combined with personal health records web portal we provide a complete 360 degree wellness regime. With these solutions we envisage tremendous benefits in terms of cost savings, convenience and increasing the reach of concentrated medical expertise.

Quality Policy

  • We at Maestros commit to give user-friendly medical equipment/embedded system, to our customers in order to enhance their satisfaction level. We will increase our company turnover supported by productivity increase so as to meet the delivery schedule given to our customers. We will upgrade the existing range of medical products/ embedded system & introduce new products for customer advantage and aim to reduce customer complaints. We will strengthen our tender relationship with our customer by providing the best services right from installation, servicing and regular maintenance.
      Telemedicine at Maestros Vision To bridge the gap between “patient care and expert” using digital devices Benefits of using telemedicine Travel cost reduced: Experts will be able to work from their own home or workplace, there by reducing the travel cost Emerged technologies: Wireless and mobile communication has lead to advanced services for healthcare. Learning from distance: Telemedicine opens up new possibilities of continuing education or training for isolated or rural health practitioners, who may not be able to leave a rural practice to take part in professional meetings or educational opportunities. Entry in remote areas: Telemedicine services can provide healthcare to geographically hard-to-serve areas thus improving hospital’s financial stability, especially in a time of budget cuts and constraints. This could include checking vital signs, such as blood glucose, BP or ECG Management of diseases: On-going consultations between a patient and two or more multi-disciplinary practitioners whose intent is treatment and management of long-term disease. This often involves interaction between medical, pharmaceutical and behavioral professionals on a single case. With the increasing aged population and subsequent increase in certain diseases such as type II diabetes, HIV etc, disease management umbrella is expanding Elegant process mapping: Mapping patient at any corner of the world and processing their medical data or interpretations in an elegant way Diagnose faster: Integration of video conferencing email or audio communication has enabled experts to communicate with specialists in order to make critical diagnoses faster patient thousand of miles away rather than visiting the patient Instant patient data access: Expert can instantly access patient information and allow emergency personnel to talk directly with physicians while the patient is enroute to the hospital via ambulance mobile medical clinic thereby rendering subsequent treatment plan Care online: Online data information, transfer, assessing helps experts in taking immediate care and help in giving prescriptions. Improve quality health care: Telemedicine applications supports the processes of communicating between groups of health care professionals like Cardiologists, Pathologists, Dieticians, Radiologist, Psychiatrists, Physiotherapists, Pediatrics, Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Neurologists etc on a single case New face of medical assistance: Sharing new diagnosis method, new technology evolved with less travel helps experts tremendously in medical assistance Ease of use: Follow up of patients, record maintenance and diagnosis with less paper work with comfort workplace